Crushed ice or just blocks of it in your tumbler?

Crushed ice or just blocks of it in your tumbler?

Some of you just couldn’t make your minds up. The guy stretches his arm over to reach for his glass. It is a glass of water. While still cool, a good, healthy temperature, it appears to have lost some of its taste. This could have something to do with the refrigerator not operating at the correct rate. There could be something wrong with it.

And maybe, just maybe, it needs to be repaired. You get the drift by now, don’t you? You’re not just thirsty, you’re blasted. Time for a tumbler of bourbon. And maybe this is not you. In your neck of the woods it’s got to be a whiskey, pure and simple. Actually, it’s not that simple. It’s got to be just right, smooth and sallow.

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Of course, there’s always going to be those of you who prefer your tack to be as hard as nails. And its business as usual for you to knock in a couple of hard blocks of ice. And then the water.

But get this, this ice is not melting, it just looks like it’s been crushed. What’s going on inside there? Could it be that you need an ice maker repair augusta ga guy to come on over and service you?

Otherwise this time next week, after you’ve gone and forgotten that you ever read through this online letter, you’ll be saddling yourself with yet another unhappy hour and everything else squeezed or thrown in together.

But crushed ice is pretty cool too. That’s what an ice maker does. Only the thing is, yours has still got to be fixed. Crushed ice in a short tumbler of bourbon sounds pretty neat. And maybe with just a tonic of soda added.